A couple of weeks ago, I gave my daughter a pep talk. Those talks she doesn’t want to hear when I start talking, but she realizes make infinite sense by the end (I hope). I remember being on the receiving end of those conversations as a young person, so I think I know.

It was all about doing everything you can do to achieve the desired result and leaving it all on the field. When I say field, I’m thinking half-time on the football field or the basketball court when you do your choreography full out just like you meant to do it. When you walk off the field, you want to be sure you gave it everything you had in you.

So earlier this week, I dealt with a set back. One of those challenges that makes you believe maybe you shouldn’t be going this direction or doing it that way. And for a moment, my instinct was to take the easier way out and fight with someone else’s tools and wit instead of my own. Hey, I’m all for leveraging all of your resources, but it wasn’t quite time for that yet.

It was time for me to use the advice I gave to my daughter. Isn’t it beautiful how that works? As soon as I cut the pity party and got to work, the plan became real and next steps were clear.

It’s often not the first level of thought and work on a project that gets you to the fully polished dance routine. It’s the deeper, more thoughtful, sometimes more panicked space that reveals the best plan of action.

That granular level is the grit required to grow you to your personal best and defeat the joy-stealers.

Praying your grit is plentiful and your heart is strong.

Happy Grit Day!

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