Hope This Helps:
“Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” -James Baldwin
The most troubling aspect of last week’s RNC is the sheer ignorance of those who claim to know and the substantial power those ignorant people wield. These people run companies and manage jurisdictions where all kinds of people live and work.
The negative tone, the misinformation, the lack of real diversity all couched in the slogan “Make America Great Again,” is a direct affront to the party of Lincoln. The general desire to force black people to accept and celebrate their status as Americans only, as though no racism or bigotry remains.
I am struggling to “Make America Great Now.”
As a kid, I loved Mickey Mouse, the Disney Channel, Annette and the rest of the old school Mickey Mouse club. I loved Grease and begged to dress up in a poodle skirt (my parents weren’t going for those tight pants) to perform Grease at summer camp. And then slowly I realized I wasn’t represented in the things I loved so much. 
I don’t expect anyone to go back and strategically place black people in white movies, but I also don’t expect we look back with rose-colored glasses on the deplorable status of black people prior to 1965. Even years after, American citizens fought to continue to keep us from voting, keep us from being educated in desegregated schools, etc. However, I also don’t expect one of the two major political parties of the United States to be tone deaf to the challenges and aspirations of a large segment of the American population.
So it isn’t a wonder that bigotry exists in the hearts and minds of some Americans (police officers, or government employees, or corporate executives) towards other darker Americans. Don’t deny our justice with your ignorance.
I asked to grow and God said, here you go. So I hope my growth helps you.
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