Hope This Helps:

Sitting in the OBGYN office dreading the breast exam the clinician forgot to do during my annual exam two months ago. Annoyed the clinician forgot, but a little happy there was no slip to send me to that place where they force your breast between two glass plates, I settle in for an hour playing with my phone.

Today’s visit is super eventful because my late arrival means I have to wait until everyone else has been seen. ? Listening to the random conversations shared in this tight space is extremely enlightening. For instance:

1. When you bring your man to the OBGYN for moral support or obligation because he is responsible for your being there, it is imperative that you make him feel good about his decision to come by rubbing his leg, whispering sweet nothings, and supporting his watching of a basketball game. None of that was reciprocated.

2. When you bring your Mom with you, expect her to tell the world about her urinary tract infection and ask for water and special pre-appointment bathroom privileges. As if that’s not enough, insist that she publicly share that you will not be going to your friend’s party tonight due to her busy schedule and general indifference to your party plans.

3. Wendy Williams is on in the waiting room.

? It’s time to reschedule my appointment. I can do a self check until I’m back in town…and then they call my name… “Have you had anonymous sex?” No. “Have you had sex for drugs or money?” No. “Do you exercise regularly?” Sometimes. But in 2017, gosh darn it, I will say yes! ??

Besides, didn’t you ask me these questions in October.

Also in 2017, I will go to the doctor’s office with questions and know what tests I am supposed to receive and when. Because clearly everyone needs a little help, and my health is important.

I asked to grow and God said, here you go. So I hope my growth helps you.



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