Hope This Helps:

Motherhood has been my greatest leadership test.  Until today, I don’t know that I recognized it as leadership.  It was nurturing, supporting, providing, and praying.  But when I see potential, ability and drive in others, sometimes I switch into Brandi the mother.  I’ve learned that my mothering may not be too bad.

  1. My version of mothering does not include smothering and slobbering.  Although, I have had my moments of giving a ton of hugs and kisses.  It is being the person I believe Brandice asked for at birth.  I give her my unbiased truth in my best, calm tone, using the best words in my vocabulary and being mindful of her experience and maturity.
  1. I am not always her best role model, but I am always her teacher.  She has the unique position of having to learn from my successes and failures close up.  In that way, I am mentor and sponsor, with skin in the game to ensure she succeeds.
  1. Since she was sent to learn from me, I know she cannot be me.  Neither one of us desire for her to be a replica of me, although on occasion I hope she misses some of my annoying traits.  I give her the space and latitude to be herself and develop in ways she needs me to stay out of the way to do.

As in motherhood, you have to be a great communicator as a leader.  You have to provide enough access and modeling of behavior for your team to get a true sense of how to deal and handle situations in your absence.  It also helps to have some skin in the game giving them the tools required to be successful.  Finally, you must give them the space to develop and be themselves.  I have not read a leadership book that says any one leadership style is the only successful one.

And if you are a Mom, I hope this list reminds you of the huge leadership responsibility associated with raising exceptional humans.  It’s our most important role on earth.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I asked to grow and God said, here you go. So I hope my growth helps you.



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