My Residence Inn Flow

This week has been the culmination of a couple of months of dealing with delays, confusion, and plans gone wrong in far too many aspects of my life.  While I am confident it is all working for my good, it feels horrible.

Moving to a new city is hard, but still not having a permanent address is absolutely annoying. Somehow the best laid plans just don’t work as well when you have no true home base. They also don’t work when you are trying to hold on to all available cash to close on a home.

Somehow the new climate requires clothes you can’t fly across country to get, and your health requires food that just isn’t available on the dollar menu. If I sound like a princess, maybe I am. However, moving my luggage in and out of hotels and storage facilities has reached a level of annoyance and dis-ease that has me working each day to find calming forces (meditation, quiet, sleep, exercise, baths, Netflix).

And now, I am officially about a month out from my original closing date, and I am still waiting to know for sure. (What the hell does that mean?) This is also the day of my release… The moral of this story is that you cannot launch a book project in the midst of all of this crazy.  So there is a date in my mind and on my team’s calendar, but I can’t bring myself to say it.

It could be the trauma of getting a month buffer wrong or the concern that I could possibly find myself here again, but it won’t cross my lips. I will say I just had to reroute my belongings for another week and I can feel the stress expressed throughout my body in every allergic reaction possible.

God and I have had some conversations, the most recent with me laid out prostrate in the floor, and I am now clear I don’t get to give Him deadlines. All I can do is adjust to His timeline for my life.

So here’s what I know.

1.  I am supposed to know something today. But that has been the case for over a month now.

2.  My couch and my KitchenAid mixer are hovering around waiting for an address to meet me.

3.  My body and soul have necessitated a tactical pause.

4.  These are the exact trials which somehow turn to growth in my life and yours. I’m excited to share with you how this trial turns into opportunity as we delve into #OperationGrowth through the Sister Circle very soon.

Most importantly, the 10 people who believed in me enough to order the book early will receive a signed hardback version and a premium growth package.

It’s still coming. I’m still blessed and highly favored. Thank you for taking the chance to grow with me. ?

I asked to grow and God said, here you go. So I hope my growth helps you.



#HopeThisHelps #OperationGrowth #ReleaseDateComingSoon

Moving Day